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🌟 Exciting Announcement! 🌟

I am absolutely thrilled to unveil the latest news about our film, “Escape” (2023, UK), directed by the remarkable Howard J. Ford! It’s not just another project; it’s a journey that’s taking us across the globe, as we gear up for its international release!

Being part of the actors’ ensemble has been an exhilarating experience, and the excitement doesn’t stop there. I had the incredible opportunity to lay down vocals for the song “Turbulence,” a track that promises to resonate and ripple through your ears, crafted with the musical genius of Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen. Yes, the legend behind the international hit “99 Red Balloons”!

I am overjoyed to announce the upcoming release of our film (tbc in London). This project showcases the monumental work of extraordinary British talents, all orchestrated under the masterful baton of Howard J. Ford (

Working on this film was a journey I’ll never forget, and it’s impossible to mention this experience without acknowledging the incredible team I had the privilege to collaborate with: Sarah Marks, Louis Jones, Tamara Orlova, Angela Dixon, Sean Cronin to mention only a few.

This film is a testament to the creativity, passion, and dedication we shared, bringing to life a story we can’t wait for you to see. Stay tuned for more details on this remarkable project that we’re all so proud of! We will keep you posted on our social media portals for the UK and international film release asap!

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Escape (Howard J Ford)

I’m excited to share with you a glimpse into one of the most intense and challenging roles I’ve ever played in our upcoming film. In this gripping narrative, I embody the character of a mother whose daughter has been kidnapped. Fueled by a mix of fear, determination, and the immense love for her child, she orchestrates a daring escape plan.

Olivia navigates through this harrowing ordeal. Utilizing her considerable resources and influence, she moves heaven and earth to ensure her child’s safe return. Every second is a race against time, and every decision carries the weight of life or death.

This role pushed me to the depths of emotional and physical expression, portraying a mother’s relentless fight to reclaim her most precious treasure – her child. It’s a journey of power, desperation, and unwavering hope that I believe will resonate deeply with audiences.

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